Cadet Shout-Out Video 4th Regiment

Curious about what your Cadet has been up to during the 29-day Leader Development and Assessment Course? Check out this video with shout-outs from ROTC Cadets in the 4th Regiment to their family and friends back at home.

(U.S. Army video by Kaitlynn Boyd.)


7 responses to “Cadet Shout-Out Video 4th Regiment

    • We are live-streaming Cadets traveling from the airport to the base. Other regiments will have videos and photos posted online; however, activities of those regiments will not be live-streamed. Visit Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and the LDAC main website for updates from other regiments. We will be doing our best to go to each regiment, but we can’t guarantee that each regiment will be featured or that each Cadet will do a shout-out.

  1. Shout out to cadet Christopher J Garcia from Albuquerque we love you, miss you and are so very proud of you. Kept looking for you on the shout out, but I guess they forgot to capture all of te regimen.

    • We gave all of the Cadets the opportunity to record shoutouts. However, not all of the Cadets wanted to be recorded.

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