Cadet Shout-Out Video 13th Regiment

Curious about what your Cadet has been up to during the 29-day Leader Development and Assessment Course? Check out this video with shout-outs from ROTC Cadets in the 13th Regiment to their family and friends back at home.

(U.S. Army video by Kaitlynn Boyd.)


5 responses to “Cadet Shout-Out Video 13th Regiment

  1. Will there be anymore shout-outs for 13th regiment. I have a 5 year old here that would love to see his daddy!

    • Our goal is to post videos that give family and friends an inside look at the Cadets training during their time at LDAC. We cannot guarantee more shoutouts for any regiment, but we will continue to post more photos and videos as they come.

      • This means a lot! Thanks so much! We are so proud of all the cadets at Warrior Forge and all of us back home look forward to seeing your videos and photos!

  2. Kaitlynn, thank you so much for this! It was absolutely the best way to start my day getting a shout out from my goofy daughter. We have been missing her like crazy. Bless you for this – look forward to more! ~~Kel

  3. Molly Jo Bob — You GO girl; Dad and I are thinking about you and cheering you on from the Land of Ahs…we love YOU! 🙂

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